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I had been fighting this problem for months and now I am finally LICE FREE!

Waterville, Maine

We went to All About Lice out of desperation. We had been dealing with lice for awhile and had HAD it. My daughter is only 2 and got it at daycare. Mary & Susan were unbelievab ly compassion and gentle with my daughter. What is an embarrassing problem was truly not a big deal and we were made to feel totally comfortabl e in their hands. Highly HIGHLY recommend their services. :)

Bangor, Maine

If you have to deal with head lice.. This is the place to go.. They all made us feel so comfortable dealing with this problem. And when we left we were all lice free!!! Excellant ,friendly, and knew what they where doing.

Waterville, Maine


Highly recommend.. My grand daughter had lice and it spread through the household. We had no idea at 1st never dealt with this before. and yes we felt so embarrassed. Tried OTC Rid , Nix 3 treatments and a prescription from the docs.. Tried all the online methods. . Finally searched online and found these caring wonderful people!!! One comb through and they were gone.. Thank you so very much!

Camden, Maine

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"Super Lice" have now invaded Maine! That's why you can't get rid of them using conventional treatments. With hundreds of satisfied clients we can confidently assure you that we can rid you and your family of head lice in one treatment. We take accurate aim at interupting the life cycle of these so called "Super Lice" and you will leave our salon LICE FREE.

We are trained in the Shepherd Method of head lice removal. We use the Terminator lice comb, the most effective lice comb on the market today and non toxic products that safely treat lice and nits. We do a thorough comb out removing lice and eggs. The treatment includes a follow up head check 7 days after treatment. We do free head checks on additional family members to ensure that re-infestation does not occur within your family. We also teach you how to clean your home and belongings to prevent further infestation and we will help you separate fact from fiction.

Thank you for your caring, thorough & reassuring treatment yesterday! You have made a potentially "horrible" occurrence simply a bump in the road of life.


Head Check

We start by doing an intial head check.

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Full Treatment

We do a complete comb out of the hair, starting at the nape of the neck.

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